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Press Democrat Letters to the Editor

Press Democrat Letters to the Editor

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Impressive Candidate

I am humbled and grateful to be making such meaningful connections with my, neighbors.

Thank you, Gregg.


Letter Printed Below:


Impressive candidate

EDITOR: I’m in my mid-60s and have never actively supported any political candidate. I, like maybe many of you, long ago lost faith in the system. This changed about two weeks ago when I spent about 30 minutes speaking with Eric Christensen, who is running in the newly formed 7th City Council District in Santa Rosa.

We have all been through the meat-grinder — fires, power outages, homelessness, police issues, and on and on. And our current group of representatives is doing a pretty poor job. Much of what they do is one-off, just delaying the inevitable.

I truly believe that Christensen has fresh, sustainable and realistic approaches to many of these issues. As in an absolute fix? Anytime I hear that from a politician, red flags go up. He has what I consider approaches that are feasible, make sense and are worth trying.

And, in my humble opinion, he is pretty sharp and, more important, committed. I won’t be so arrogant and silly to tell you to vote for Christensen All I ask is that you check out his website and learn about him.


Santa Rosa

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