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Common Sense Politics in Santa Rosa

1. No one should be allowed to pollute our streets and parks.

2. Bring back consequences for breaking the law!

3. Where is the money for the homeless really going? If anyone draws a salary with money received from the City/County for the homeless, then they should be justifying how they are helping. The cost to benefit is NOT adding up. The most needy in our community deserve better and tax paying residents need safe streets to walk on--not littered with garbage, needles, and sketchy subjects.

4. Councilmembers need to have accountability for taxpayer money. As a business owner, I know where every dollar I spend goes as it has to be spent in a way that produces results for my employees or business. Where is the accountability on how the taxpayer money is being spent?

5. I love our City and NEED my kids to want to live here as they become adults and decide their own futures. Yet our streets are becoming overrun by RVs and tents, our parks have excrement and needles littered around where small children play, we don't have affordable housing, and we have no voice in City government that's advocating for businesses so that people can return to work. I want to create change opportunties to make these negatives disappear. I understand business, organic growth, the value of renewable energy, and most importantly the value of being able to afford to own your own home. Our City can be great again, we just need people on the council to put it all on the line for the greater good and make what some might call unpopular decisions, but necessary ones!

6. Finally, people keep asking me if I do endorsement pledges. I do NOT do endorsement pledges. I find the very act of pledging to represent any particular organization/or idea before knowing all of the facts of the given situation sketchy and shameful. My vote has and will never be for sale. In my opinion everyone starts on the same playing field. You want to work with the City, then do the effort to earn the job. The days of entitlement are out the window.

Paid for By Eric Christensen for Santa Rosa City Council 2020 - FPPC # 1430326
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