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I will bring a sense of fiscal ownership to the taxpayers that does not seem to exist in the council today. No more rubber-stamping budgets. If we retain strategic partners on issues such as homelessness, we need to hold them accountable for solutions and not give them an endless bucket of taxpayer money with little results. The City treasury should be spent on infrastructure, youth and senior programs, and other ways to provide resources and beautification to our City for the benefit of all residents. 

For every dollar I spend, I need to know how it benefits my companies, takes care of my employees, or works towards long-term goals of success. I want to bring my business skills to task with the City’s budget. Taxpayer dollars should be spent on serving the residents of Santa Rosa. There should be positive outcomes for every dollar spent.

There are not unlimited streams of cash. I will bring a new sense of fiscal responsibility to the City Council.  I will make sure that every dollar goes to a service or enhancement that benefits all citizens of the City. I am about finding overages and poor budgetary allocations in order to reallocate that money to repairing roads, creating and expanding on senior and youth programs, redirecting those recovered funds to the betterment of the resident of District 7 and the City as a whole. The age of entitlement stops with me. You want to be a strategic partner that receives millions of dollars, you better prove to the Council you can get the job done.

How about we encourage more community RFP choices. Let the free market compete without a lot of red-tape. We want to encourage everyone interested to put forth solid solutions. Not just business as usual with all the same players getting paid. Innovate with new players.

Transparency and Accountability. Let's not close the doors when dealing with the people’s money, it’s important that residents know what their government is planning.

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